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About California Recycles

Responsible Recycling

Not every electronics collector is a socially respon. Many collectors simply break functional electronics and dump the un-saleable remains. We all pay the price for this practice - our country’s landfills contain millions of tons of e-waste. Sadly, the remaining 50 percent of the electronics collected in the United States for recycling is shipped overseas. At California Recycles we are committed to environmentally sound best practices and certification from all those we do business with.

Global Understanding

We believe the better people understand the issues surrounding electronics recycling, the more committed they will become to helping solve the problem. We hope you’ll see why its so important that each of us step up to this responsibility to continue to recycle.

Safe Disposal

Have you ever wondered what really happens to electronics that you have given to a “recycler”? The results may not have been what you had in mind. Often the most valuable parts are removed in the first process, and then the remnants pass through multiple “strippers” with toxic components ending up in our landfills or exported to developing nations.

Safe disposal of toxins from electronic waste is critical because the health of people and the environment depend on it.

California Recycles uses extreme care in selecting vendors to partner with for the de-manufacturing and recycling of the electronics you place in our hands. We work with these partners to track every item through the end of the recycling process to ensure that the disposal of toxins is completed safely.

Data Shredding

To protect your confidential information, California Recycles offers hard disk erasure and destruction. When ever possible we try to put newer computers back in use. If we can put the computer back in use we use a three-pass system that meets US Department of Defense disk sanitation standards (DoD 5220.22-M) and complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. If we are unable to put the computer back in use the hard drive is removed and sent to a certified hard disk destructor where the hard disk is shredded.


California Recycles provides government agencies, corporations, OEMs, retailers and environmental groups recycling data so that every party can measure the programs, while keeping your personal information private and secure. No third parties or non-government agencies ever are privy to your information.


When ever possible California Recycles will try to put items turned in for recycling back into use. These Items are available for purchase at significantly reduced prices. For our customers security all data will be destroyed prior to an item being reused.

Awards & Certificates

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California Recycles, Incwas formed to assist people, non-profits, corporations and municipalities recycle their electronics with ease. We provide convenient, affordable and simple solutions that make it easy to recycle all electronics; de-clutter your environment and prevent the harmful elements contained in electronic waste from contaminating our environment.

At California Recycles it is our mission to make recycling electronics as simple as a trip to the grocery store; and Thinking Green becomes a part of everyone’s lifestyle. California Recycles works with EPA accredited waste processors and partners with retailers and businesses that are committed to promoting best practices in preserving the environment. We maintain strict quality standards to ensure that your old electronics are recycled properly.

California Recycles is proud to be a two-time winner in the City of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Quality Awards. On May 2nd, 2006 California Recycles was recognized for its continuing commitment to Stewardship of the Environment at an event hosted by Ed Bagely, Jr. We shared the day and honors with some very notable businesses, including Patagonia, Rand Corporation and many more!

Convenience is the Key

Our one-stop drop off center in West Los Angeles is open daily to accept all your electronic recyclables from cell phones, to TVs and computer systems. When you’re there, pick up a California Recycles Collection Box for your home or office. Our boxes are constructed out of recycled cardboard and configured to provide an attractive easy to remember to recycle - container for all of your smaller recyclables--such as cell phone batteries, cell phones, and printer cartridges--until you’re ready to recycle them.

How Electronics Are Recycled

Did you know that many companies that offer recycling actually ship electronic waste off-shore; where EPA and EU environmental standards are not enforced? It is a growing problem that is coupled with smaller companies that actually just strip, resell and broker electronic waste. Sadly more than 50 percent of all electronics collected in the United States for recycling is shipped overseas.

We Take Responsibility For Every Item We Collect

California Recycles records and is able to track every item that we handle, which is in accordance with California’s Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB).

California boasts some of the strictest standards in the U.S.. We provide the State with quarterly and yearly reports detailing our collection and disposal activities. All data collected is transmitted to the EPA, and state agencies. This data is essential in assisting legislators, agencies and activists in gauging the success of electronics recycling initiatives, and determining future programs to promote electronic recycling.

California Recycles actively monitors all industry data; best practices from around the world and is proactive in participating at the state and local level in advocating on environmental issues surrounding electronic waste. We continue to offer outreach and educational materials at our collection events and have pledged to make recycling industry statistics available to the general public in order to heighten awareness of the issue.