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We have expanded our services nationwide!!!

"Greening" your business doesn't have to be extreme.

California Recycles Inc. is a full service recycling company from electronic-waste, paper and media shredding, scrap metal, to composting, dedicated to providing your business with convenient and fully compliant recycling solutions.

“Greening” your business is easy with California Recycles. Our company can help you save money, save the environment and enhance your company's image.

California Recycles Inc. is a socially conscious Recycling Waste Management Company. Our company is committed to providing a convenient method for recycling by promoting a one stop business philosophy.

California Recycles now offers Electronic Waste, Lamp and Battery Collection for businesses through out the contiguous United States!

California Recycles network of R2 certified processing centers and partners are conveniently distributed throughout North America. This network allows California Recycles to provide cost-effective and legislatively compliant electronics waste disposal service ensuring the highest level of data security regardless of where items are collected. Our high standards and commitment to the environment guarantee your electronics will never end up in landfills and are never exported to developing nations for dumping.

Our Lamp and Battery recycling partners adhere to all State and Federal Laws so you can be assured that your lamps and batteries will be recycled and kept out of landfills and from infiltrating water supplies.

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